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Roll a Ramp

Roll a Ramp is an incredibly strong and lightweight ramp which is very simple to use, store and transport. The Roll a Ramp system is designed to provide easy disability access into buildings such as private homes, schools, shops, hotels etc. Simply unroll and position for instant use. When not required, simply roll-up and store.


Constructed from high tensile anodised aerospace aluminium, Roll a Ramp is both lightweight and manageable for a carer or colleague to deploy. It's aluminium construction makes Roll a Ramp totally weatherproof and perfectly suited to permanent or semi-permanent outdoor use. Water cannot settle on Roll a Ramp's surface due to its innovative and patented design. With it's built in ‘grip ridges’ Roll a Ramp's non-slip surface is maintained in all weather conditions.


With a comprehensive range of accessories, including platforms and hand-rail kits, the Roll a Ramp system can be used in virtually any situation. Easily adjustable to any length, Roll a Ramp is very flexible and easily adapted.


Roll a Ramps are available in either a single ramp or a 30cm (12in) wide pairs. The single ramp is available in 26" (66cm), 30" (76cm) and 36" (91cm) and can support a load of up to 450 kg (half a ton) and the 12' pairs will support a distributed load of 900 kg (one ton). Built in side rails help prevent wheels from rolling off the edges of the ramp.


Roll a Ramp is supplied in any length to your specification. When you want to use Roll a Ramp in a different location, it can be lengthened or shortened simply and easily by the addition or removal of treads. Tools are provided with every ramp to enable you to make this adjustment.

10 Year Warranty

Roll a Ramp is manufactured to the highest possible specification using the highest quality materials, and are proud to offer what we believe to be the only 10 year manufacturers ramp warranty* available.* Warranty subject to misuse and abuse conditions

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